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My Best EnglishTM is a trademark of IMAGE FACTORY, INC.

Machiko Kobayashi

is Japanese native and studied English as her second language. She is the mom of 2 bilingual children; a boy and a girl. After earning her MBA degree, she started a film and video production company, IMAGE FACTORY, INC., in Los Angeles with her husband and business partner, Eiji Morimoto in 1985. When her son entered kindergarten, she was very impressed with how English was formally introduced. It was so different from how she learned English in Japan! Since then creating a high-quality and useful English educational video for small children has become her and Eiji's long-term project because they both have struggled to learn English due to a very late start. She contributes the main-frame ideas of each video, enjoys selecting the music, and writes the skits performed by Scout and Guin.

Eulale Keesler
Supervisor & Mentor

has been teaching primary grades in Burbank since the 1960s. Many parents call her one of the best teachers. She also teaches music (piano and violin) to children and enjoys playing violin in orchestra. Mrs. Keesler supervises the script, checks the expressions and corrects any mistakes she finds. She is a mom of a grown-up son.

Eiji Morimoto

is Japanese native and very loving dad. After establishing himself as director of TV dramas, documentaries and corporate promotions in Japan, he came to US to establish IMAGE FACTORY, INC. For the last 15 years he has produced and directed numerous TV programs, commercials, music videos, documentaries including Emmy winning docudrama and corporate promotions. He is charge of overall production. He visualizes the ideas brought in, shoots the beautiful images, and enjoys editing and mastering.

Toru Mihara
Graphic Designer

is the father of all of our cute penguins! He studied Film Production at California State University Long Beach. Since graduation, he has worked in creative field in many projects. He designs and creates graphic sequences of the video. He is the sweet dad of a sweet girl.

Bill Lose

studied Film production at Columbia Film School. Since graduation he has worked in many TV commercials and music videos productions throughout the US to acquire hands-on knowledge in productions. He directs the fun skits with Scout & Guin as well as live dramas (that will be shown in later volumes) for My Best English. He is good at throwing in very funny and good-looking (picture wise) ideas at the last minute. He was born and raised in Philadelphia, where his great mind and sense of appreciation were nurtured.

Jennifer Reiter-Kaitz
Supervisor and Narrator

has been teaching primary grades including many ELD children at Burbank schools for 8 years. She has also had many years of extensive literacy trainings. She supervises the script and narrates for My Best English with her beautiful and distinguished voice. She is a new mom of a beautiful boy.

Anita Wheeler
Supervisor and Narrator

earned three credentials in early childhood education, elementary education and special education from California State University, Northridge. She taught many children with special needs at San Fernando Child Guidance Center and Resthaven Psychiatric Clinic for Violent Children. She also taught students with learning disabilities, ages 6 to 18, at various public schools. She has been a first grade teacher in Burbank for the last four and a half years. In 1981, Mrs. Wheeler met a truly remarkable woman, Ms. Renee Herman, who taught her how to pronounce letter sounds correctly. Ms. Herman developed a reading system called Herman Method that uses a different approach to teach the learning disabled student. Ms. Herman asked Mrs. Wheeler to do workshops throughout the United States. Mrs. Wheeler feels that she wouldn't be teaching today if Ms. Herman hadn't be a mentor to her.

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