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October, 2011
Preferred Choise Award My Best English Vol. 4 Shapes has received 2011 Preferred Choice Award from Creative Child Magazine.

March, 2010
Dove Foundation My Best English Vol. 4 shapes received 5 out of 5 ratings from the Dove Foundation.
Dove Review: Here is a wonderful educational DVD that teaches your preschoolers about shapes, helping children make a connection between shapes and the objects around them.? With the help of puppets, animated characters and video of real items in their lives along with the charming songs, this DVD will be one which they will want to watch over and over.? Your youngsters will love learning about shapes.
We award "My Best English: shapes" our Dove "Family-Approved" Seal for all ages.

October, 2002
Teachers' Choise Award My Best English Vol. 1 alphabet has received 2003 Teachers' Choice Award and will be featured in the January 2003 issue of Learning Magazine. Teachers' Choice is the only awards program that is judged by teachers in the classroom. This year, more than 60 teacher teams from across the United States evaluated the nearly 400 entries on quality, instructional value, ease of use, and innovation. Once the initial scoring is complete, products with scores of 90 and above move to the second round where they are reviewed by a different panel of teacher-judges.

August & June, 2002
My Best English Vol. 1 alphabet and My Best English Vol. 3 numbers meet California standards and are officially posted at CLRN (California Learning Resource Network) web site.

December, 2001
My Best English Vol. 2 colors and Vol. 3 numbers were officially approved as one of the excellent learning materials by Los Angeles Unified School District. My Best English will be promoted throughout the school district for the 2002-2003 school year.

September, 2001
Dr.Toy My Best English Vol. 2 colors has been selected as one of the 10 Best Audio/Video Tapes/CDs for 2001
as well as 100 Best Children's Products for 2001 by Dr.Toy.

September, 2002, April and June, 2001
KIDS FIRST! My Best English Vol. 1 alphabet, Vol. 2 colors, and Vol. 3 numbers received endorsements from KIDS FIRST!

May, 2002 and May, 2001
Dove Foundation My Best English Vol. 1 alphabet, My Best English Vol, 2 colors, and My Best English Vol. 3 numbers received "5 out of 5" ratings from The Dove Foundation. Also both alphabet and colors won the "Grand Geyser Award"(highest award) at 2002 Yellowstone Film Festival sponsored by The Dove Foundation.

March, 2001 Our website received a "Kid Friendly" Site Award from

KIDS FIRST! - September, 2002
My Best English Vol. 1 alphabet
Humorous, pleasant and whimsical. Good diversity of people and animals. The penguin puppet is kid-friendly. Makes good use of real objects along with animated ones. Makes learning letters fun. It could be the start of associating sounds with letters. Kids enjoyed this. They sang along to the alphabet song and danced to the music, especially "The Wheels on the Bus." For kids who are ready for beginning phonics, it's perfect!

Dove Foundation - May, 2002
My Best English Vol. 1 alphabet
5 out of 5 rating
This is a very well done learning video for kids. It reminded me of some Sesame alphabet lessons, but with more music. I think kids will enjoy learning the alphabet using this video. It covers the letters of the alphabet and their sounds in a fun way that will allow young children to learn them while having fun. I wish I had the My Best English series when my kids were young! (by Dave Lukens)

Dove Foundation - May, 2002
My Best English Vol. 2 colors
5 out of 5 rating
Mixed with music and fun, kids will have hours of fun learning their colors in the fun-filled educational video. Great songs, skits and animation will hold young children's attention while they learn the colors of the rainbow. The My Best English series is a must for any parent with young children that wants them to learn language skills in a fun creative way. I wish I would have had the My Best English series when my kids were young! (by Dave Lukens)

Booklist - March 1, 2002 issue
My Best English Vol. 1 alphabet and My Best English Vol. 2 colors
Ages 2-5. Phonetics, simple word recognition, the alphabet, and colors are introduced in two videos, beginning with "alphabet." Each brightly colored letter is shown in both upper- and lowercase and vocalized by an adult narrator before a young host repeats each letter. Footage of familiar objects representing the letter complements brief sequences featuring the host and a puppet sidekick; the duo politely interact with one another while slipping in lessons about courtesy.
"Colors" similarly employs nature footage, animation, and onscreen graphics to teach basic colors.
Soft classical background music and steady pacing add a calming atmosphere to these skill-building titles. (by Candace Smith)

Dr. Toy - September, 2001
My Best English Vol. 2 colors
This is a series of educational videos that helps children learn language. The video teaches 10 basic colors --- images of various objects and animals in each color. There are graphics and animations that make the videos easy to enjoy. Children can interact by repeating what is said. There is good music playing in the background. There are fun skits and these can be used in a classroom as well as at home. They are simple and easy to follow. The narrator names the color and the objects and it makes a great product to enjoy at any time. The series includes the alphabet, colors and numbers. These are well produced and make a very valuable educational experience as well as a good entertaining program.

KIDS FIRST! - June, 2001
My Best English Vol. 3 numbers
Playful way to teach numbers. Especially effective for children learning to speak English. Easy to understand. Children counted along with the numbers; some danced. "We like the video. It had nice music and colors." "I learned to tell time." "I liked the snails racing around."

Dove Foundation - May, 2001
My Best English Vol. 3 numbers
5 out of 5 rating

PARENTING Magazine - May 2001 issue
My Best English Vol. 2 colors
The sequence of scenes designed to teach babies fundamental colors is wonderfully simple and simply wonderful: A narrator names the color that fills the screen, then objects of the same hue follow, making the lessons especially effective. Relaxing classical music provides a comforting background.

KIDS FIRST! - April, 2001
My Best English Vol. 2 colors
Cute concept, very bright and fun to watch. Good use of music and sound. Younger viewers learn the colors, and older kids start learning the words for the colors. Nicely done.
Kids had fun with it, and repeated the words and made a game out of guessing colors.

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